Development of Global Capital Markets

The fast paced development of the global capital market is indicated by its growing liquidity and depth. Estimated to be somewhere around $140 trillion, this amount is expected to touch the $200 mark even before the end of 2010. Financial stocks are growing worldwide with a growth rate much higher than that of global gross domestic products.

The emerging trend of the concept of globalization has unified the diversified world market into a single market. With the promotion of inter-country trade there has been an increase in stature and in capital flow with United States of America, Europe and Britain sharing almost 90%.

US plays an important role in the development of the global capital market with 85% of the net capital flowing towards it. Eurozone, on the other hand, is emerging as a strong financial power is causing positive changes and is soon expected to stand on the same financial platform with its counterparts.

The Global Capital Market handles mergers and acquisitions, strategic equity partnering, management buyout services, acquisition search services, corporate debt and equity and financial restructuring. It also offers invaluable suggestions in the case of mergers and acquisitions. A balanced approach and expertise is required for making such decisions.

The Global Capital Market provides a profitable alternative for the sale of a business which is very complex and dynamic. In order to maximize the value in the selling process, a detailed evaluation of the existing business is required.

The Global Capital Market also offers Strategic Equity Partnership for the participants who do not want to sell their business. In this process the business owner gains liquidity and at the same time has sufficient control over the business operation.

Another key role of Global Capital Market is to help the management to fulfill their dreams of acquiring the target companies. The success of a company largely depends on a strong management. Whether it is the negotiation and structuring the deals, developing a strong close team support or designing and sourcing the necessary finances, Global Capital market provides all the required services.

Because of its huge database and a large network of relationships, the Global capital Market can help in striking the right deal at the right price. The above insight into global capital markets will surely give you a better grasp on capital markets.